[[Abogado Rey]]


A jungle world with a Human breathable atmosphere located on the Outer Rim.

Thwarting early efforts to colonize its lush jungles, development of Abogado Rey only became more prevalent when miners discovered ore deposits twenty years ago. A rush later to get at the resources led to the founding of a permanent spaceport with attached city – Corero.

In the last year, Imperial forces have made their presence permanent and a shown a keen interest in some of the more abandoned mine clusters.

Activity by a clandestine cell of Rebels disrupted their troop presence in the city proper, ruining the local garrison and inspiring some of the population against the Imperial presence.

This did not last long before a new vision could be seen in the night sky:

Two Star Destroyers, one of which was excessively long. The Empire would not brook dissent; yet they had not committed the usual atrocity of orbital bombardments – the usual fate of unruly worlds.

[[Abogado Rey]]

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